Welcome to my website! My name is Michael Bruijn, and I live and work in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands. I have been active as an astrologer for decades.

Originally trained in business management, I have also been intensively involved in psychology (particularly the Jungian direction) and astrology for about thirty years. Initially, this was mainly out of interest and to better understand me, others, and the world around me. Gradually I received more and more requests from family, friends, and close acquaintances to help them on the basis of their birth image with life questions that they or their loved ones see themselves facing. Their positive response has encouraged me to start this consultancy practice and to offer my services more broadly.

I work with various astrological methods and systems, of which I would particularly like to mention the Münchener Rhythmenlehre by Wolfgang Döbereiner (1928-2015). I attended his seminars for about twenty years and have also had the privilege of receiving several personal consultations from him over the years. In addition, I have had intensive professional exchanges with the renowned Swiss astrologer Annabeth Schallenberg for many years.

A specialty of mine is the link between astrology and synchronicity. I not only like to look at your personal birth chart but also at the time quality of events you have had to deal with or are dealing with in your life.

My consultations can take place in German and English, by telephone, or via media such as Zoom or Whatsapp video.

In addition to personal advice, I also offer an online service with which you can immediately analyze your personality characteristics and your talents and abilities for study and profession:



Step 1: send me the following information by e-mail to info@astropraxis.nl: date of birth, if possible birth time, place of birth, and the gender of yourself or of the person about whom the consultation should be. You can also indicate in advance whether you have a specific question (about study, profession, work, partnership) and what that question is. You can indicate how you want the consultation to take place: via telephone, Zoom, Skype, or Whatsapp. You will receive a confirmation email with a web link with which you can also pay immediately and easily.

Step 2: Within 48 hours of receipt of your payment, you will receive a number of date proposals for the person-to-person consultation.

Step 3: The consultation takes place via telephone, Zoom, Skype, or Whatsapp.

Based on one horoscope, this service costs € 200. Each additional horoscope costs € 50 extra. Maximum three horoscopes per consultation.

If you have purchased a Jobhoroscope analysis and you want an additional consultation based on this report, your Jobhoroscope payment will be deducted from the consultation fee.

All amounts include VAT.

If you cannot afford my services, please let me know in your email. For clients who, for example, are still studying or without work and income, I use adjusted conditions in consultation.

Interested? Simply send me an e-mail: mb@astropraxis.nl. Or call me on +31 6 53286252.